Purrrfect items for Cat People...or their kitties

Looking to up your cat game? Koneko has you covered! Check out our cat-themed apparel, jewelry, stationery, and more. 


A cultural hub for Cat People

Maybe we’re biased, but we believe that Cat People are curious and creative – and a little different than most. That’s why Koneko has a program of unique cultural activities and events designed specifically for the feline-inclined.

Koneko means "kitten" in Japanese, and we love to celebrate our Japanese roots. Each month we offer a range of fun Japanese-inspired events like sake tastings and Japanese cooking classes. But everyone knows that cats can be silly...so we can too!  There's no better way for a Cat Person to unwind than our Celebrity Bingo Night or Drag Queen Karaoke battles -- the first of their kind in the world. And don't miss our Kitty Brunch, every Thursday and Friday morning. The only thing better than our homemade Nutella waffle is our homemade Nuttela waffle plus 20 cats.

Our events change weekly, so please join our mailing list and we'll keep you posted via email, or check out our calendar and make reservations here.

Planning a meowvelous private event?

Koneko is a fun and flexible location for private events. We’re a memorable setting for birthday parties, book signings, press events, film screenings, photo shoots, art openings, and more. After all, what gathering wouldn’t be more fun with the addition of 20 hilarious cats?


Our Cattery can accommodate up to 25 people indoors – and another 15 in the outdoor Catio. And our Café seats 20 – and up to 20 more standing.

Food and beverages

Guests may order food and beverages from our menu or we can arrange catering from a range of New York City’s finest artisanal providers.

Facilities and equipment:

  • 2700 square feet of indoor / outdoor space
  • 5G wifi
  • 65” HD video display system with Chromecast
  • State of the art sound system in every room
  • Flexible gallery-style lighting throughout
  • ADA-compliant restroom
  • Café-style kitchen facilities
  • Expert baristas
  • Child-friendly Cattery team


Please note that we love children – and our kitties are accustomed to kids -- but birthday parties or other events involving children 12 or under will require special planning and adult supervision. (See Kiddycat party packages, below.)


Events are priced based on the needs and requirements of our guests. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll provide a cost estimate. Just drop us an email at info@konekonyc.com

Kiddycat party packages

We love kids. And kids love kitties. So get started designing your purrrfect party, complete with our family of 20 adoptable kitties! We have three child-friendly areas - including an outdoor Catio - and we offer a range of fun and memorable optional activities to make your party the best of the year. 

Kiddycat Starter Party - (10 child minimum, 20 child maximum)

•    Birthday cake and candles
•    Choice of juice
•    45 minutes of cat play time
•    45 minutes for cake
•    Photo collage of the experience

Kiddycat Add-on Options - (entire group must participate)

•    Facepainting
•    Photoshoot with your favorite cat
•    Make your own kitty ear headband, tail, or paws
•    Cat-toons and Mewvies (includes popcorn)
•    Make your own cat t-shirt
•    Make your own puppet
•    Goodie bag to take home


Events are priced based on the needs and requirements of our guests. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll provide a cost estimate. Please note that an 18% gratuity will be added for parties in addition to event costs.

Ready to get started?

Just drop us an email at info@konekonyc.com with any details you have (proposed date, time, attendees, theme, etc.) and we’ll be in touch to start brainstorming with you.