Purrrfect treats for Cat People...or their kitties

SPECIAL SPRING BONUS: Purchases of $75 or more will receive a free Catnap Gift Card (that's a $20 value, Hoomin!) Plus, you get warm fuzzies knowing that your purchase supports Koneko's mission of finding a forever home for every adoptable cat in New York City. So fill up that shopping cart MEOW!

Mewvie Night

  • Koneko Cat Cafe 26 Clinton Street New York, NY, 10002 United States

Do you like films, popcorn, and kitten cuddles?

Join us Wednesday, February 8th for Rocky Horror Picture Show, a cult classic about a newly engaged couple who's car breakdowns in the middle of nowhere which leads them to pay a call to the residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Tickets are $30 and include house-made popcorn with sea salt, a beverage of choice (beer, wine, coffee or tea) and unlimited kitty snuggles.

Doors open at 6:30 PM, movie begins at 7 PM.

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