Purrrfect treats for Cat People...or their kitties

Koneko has you covered. Check out our shop for a variety of cat-themed apparel, jewelry, stationery, and more.

Use promo code "KITTIES" on orders of $100 or more to receive a 15% discount. 

Happy Meowlidays!


Koneko's menu comprises of Japanese food we love, from our favorite local artisanal kitchens to our own house-made favorites. 

Our pastries are from Patisserie Tomoko in Williamsburg. Tomoko Kato trained at Le Bernardin and brings French technique to her Japanese flavors.

Our snacks include a variety ofJapanese izakaya favorites, and are all house-made. 

Our coffee program is from Stumptown. We change the roasts often, so you'll have to stop in to see the latest.

Our tea program is from In Pursuit of Tea, the purveyor of tea to such restaurants as Daniel and Eleven Madison Park. 

We love food. And we love cats. One of the great joys of Koneko is to sit on our Catio while enjoying a bottle of sake...with a cat. Come join us.