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Welcome to New York’s Movie Night for Cats

02-01-16 •  The Daily Beast •  By Lizzie Crocker

At the Koneko cat café on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, felines and their admirers gathered for a Miranda July movie—and an evening of nuzzling and shoelace-batting.
Two were passed out on a small futon, and a third was snoring on the radiator next to me. Another with a distinguished white goatee was resting high up on a wooden ledge, licking himself in a patch of dimmed light. One took an exploratory whiff of my sock. Still another watched the film intently, perched sphinx-like on a bean bag. CONTINUE


At a Cat Cafe, Sipping and Purring

11-6-2015 • The New York Times • By Penelope Green

There were only a few hiccups in the opening of Koneko, the new cat cafe on Clinton Street on the Lower East Side.

The dishwasher sprang a leak on Oct. 29 (National Cat Day, as it happens), and flooded the place. The following day, a customer was unable to unlock the bathroom door (identified by an elegant pictogram of a litter box), though she was extremely gracious about her misfortune.

Cat cafes run on an engine of good will, as Benjamin Kalb, 25, Koneko’s founder, is discovering. CONTINUE


Cat Cafes Are a Thing

04-02-2015 • InStyle • By Arianna Friedman

Did your morning latte come with a side of kittens? We didn’t think so. Skip the Starbucks queue and get in line for the feline-friendly phenomenon of cat cafes. The trend, which first popped up in Asia in the '90s, are the place to unleash your inner cat person in a relaxed, home-like environment. The combination of delicate pastries, comfortable couches, and adorable cats is, dare we say, purrfect. Read on for our top picks in N.Y.C. CONTINUE


Wine & Dine With Felines At New LES Cat Cafe Koneko

10-29-2015 • Gothamist • By Roxie Pell

The Lower East Side grew ten cats stronger yesterday with the opening of Koneko, NYC's newest cat cafe located on Clinton Street. Koneko is the latest and hopefully not the last addition to New York's growing feline dining scene, joining the ranks of Brooklyn's The Cat's Meow and Meow Parlor, another LES-based kitty coffee shop a mere 12-minute walk away. Within a one-mile radius, you now have two opportunities to replenish your soul with the withholding yet tender love of man's true best friend and intellectual superior. Slowly but surely, the city inches toward utopia. CONTINUE


It’s Time for the Scoop on Koneko, America’s First Japanese Cat Café

9-15-2015 • The Huffington Post • By Suzanne Donaldson

Lots of people visit Japan for the amazing food. Or the fast-paced, neon-lit culture. Or the rich history. But Cat People visit Japan for the cat cafes - there are hundreds of them there. Cat People of America - rejoice! The US now has its very own Japanese cat café. CONTINUE


Another Cat Café Is Opening in New York City

8-8-2015 • Time Magazine • By Olivia Waxman

Fur real!

New York City’s second cat cafe, Koneko, is expected to open next month on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Patrons can make reservations to eat and drink beer, wine, and sake with cats that are up for adoption for $15 per person per hour, starting September 14. CONTINUE


OMG: New York is getting a second cat café next month

8-6-2015 • Time Out • By Jennifer Picht

Oh, purrfect. Bowery Boogie reports that a second cat café is slated to open next month at 26 Clinton Street, which means things might get a little hairy for Meow Parlour—New York City’s original cat café in the Lower East Side. 

We’re not “kitten.” The new spot dubbed “Koneko” (means kitten in Japanese, of course) will have local furry friends available for adoption from Anjellicle Cats Rescue. CONTINUE